Why Community Newspapers?

Reach, target and deliver with community newspapers

Including community newspapers in your media mix increases your ability to connect with your target audience in a way that is relevant to them.


More than 1,100 Canadian community newspapers reach millions of readers each week. In fact, community newspapers have a wider issue-reach than any other medium. That’s supported by readership statistics. Almost three quarters of Canadian adults, 74% to be exact, read a community newspaper while only 63% read a weekday daily newspaper. On top of that, an average of 25% of our readers only read community newspapers, including an incredible 31% of adults with children. Need more convincing? Community newspapers reach rural, suburban and urban markets—an important point considering six million Canadians live outside of urban markets.


Some of the most desirable target groups are loyal community newspaper readers. Among university-educated adults, 74% read a community paper. 79% of adults with household incomes of over $75,000 are community newspaper readers. And 77% of women aged 25-49 read a community paper while only 53% read a daily newspaper. Community newspapers also allow you to be quite selective about the markets you target. Our well-defined communities provide the opportunity to tailor messages for increased audience engagement.


Community newspapers have a strong emotional connection with our readers. We have credibility. People trust community newspapers to deliver information that matters to them and they eagerly anticipate each issue. It’s no wonder so many of our readers keep their community paper for more than a week. And not only do our readers consistently read all or most of their paper, many specifically turn to their community newspaper to read the advertising.

ComBase 2008/2009 – Population 5,542,317 – Sample 39,812